Cross-fit for horses - through diversity to progress
Daily routine delays, monotony inhibits development, progress. A cross training (or cross-fit) of a horse will help you in the right direction. Not only will he not let the horse…

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Murakoz breed of heavy trucks
Murakoz horse comes from the region near the Mura River in southwestern Hungary, where it is bred today, as well as in Poland and in the countries of the former…

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Seven secrets of horse care

You have probably noticed that the result of the horse cleaning procedure comes down to the fact that the cleaner your horse becomes, the more dirty you become. There is no ready-made recipe for putting a horse in order in a couple of minutes, but you can optimize your task if you approach it wisely.

In this article you will find some tips that will help you care for your horse at a professional level.

Secret number 1. Shiny wool

If you need shine and radiance, get a good rubber groomer. It removes deep-seated dirt, promotes blood circulation and helps distribute natural fats throughout the horse’s fur. In addition, cleaning with a rubber groomer becomes a kind of mini-massage for your horse.

Rubber groomers are rigid and flexible. Choose the one that best likes your horse.

Begin to clean the horse, making small circular movements along its body. Then take a bristle brush with medium hardness and run it with short, quick movements against the coat. So you remove the dirt and fallen hairs, which were previously raised using a groomer. Finish with a soft brush that polishes the coat to a shine.

Spray for care of a hairbrush and brush will not replace, but certainly will add shine. Spray allows you not only to add the final touch to the image of the horse before the start, but also (if used regularly) significantly reduce the time of cleaning. Using the spray 1-2 times a week, you can prevent the appearance of spots on light horses, moreover, thanks to the spray, dust does not linger on the horses.

Pay attention to the fact that it is advisable to avoid spraying the spray in the area of ​​the saddle, as it makes the wool smooth and sliding, as a result of which the ammunition can begin to slide.

The really healthy shine of a horse’s coat, however, depends not only on quality care, but also on nutrition. If you are embarrassed by the quality of your horse’s coat, discuss it with your veterinarian to ensure that the horse’s feeding ration is optimal. You may need supplements for healthy skin and coat (they combine the necessary ingredients, including fats, vitamins and biotin, which contribute to the growth and shine of the coat). You can also add a little vegetable oil to your horse’s feed, gradually increasing the dosage to 1 cup. This will positively affect the shine and make the horse’s coat color more vivid and saturated. During the season of molting a decoction of flaxseed is very useful.

Secret number 2. We deal with tangled mane and tail

The best way to unravel the tail and mane is to do it manually, although you can use a plastic comb with wide teeth. Your work will greatly facilitate a special spray for the mane and tail. Hair will become more slippery and will not get tangled. Many sprays, among other things, give the mane and tail volume.

Spray evenly on the mane or tail. Then start to disassemble them in small bundles, from bottom to top. To remove strong dirt or disassemble heavily tangled knots, apply a spray for the mane and tail directly to the problem area.

As soon as you can easily hold your fingers on the tail or mane, if you wish, you can use a comb or brush. Many believe that cleaning the tail is not good. But there is another point of view: cleaning helps to stimulate blood circulation at the roots of the hair, thereby contributing to their growth. If you decide to brush, choose wide with wide-set bristles, soft at the ends. Hold a bunch of hair in one hand, twist it and, starting from the bottom, move up.

Secret number 3. Long mane and tail

If you want your horse to have a long, beautiful mane and tail, your goal is to minimize hair loss and fight brittle tips. Avoid excessive scratching. The less you process your hair, the more valuable strands you save.

Choose a comb or brush with soft, widely spaced bristles that will not damage the hair.

Choose garbage and tail from the mane and tail every day, such as sawdust and hay. You can do it manually, with your fingers, or by quickly and sharply poking the tail or mane. Regular disentangling will prevent the formation of large mats and facilitate care.

Maintaining clean mane and tail also promotes hair growth. If possible, wash the mane and tail with shampoo once a week to remove dirt from the root zone. Do not forget about thorough flushing.

Treat hair conditioner, focusing on their tips. Allow hair to dry completely before combing or braiding.

To protect the long, thick mane from debris and the formation of mats, braid it in thick braids. Spit should not be tight at the base, otherwise they will itch, and the horse will begin to comb them on fences, walls of the stall, etc. If necessary, or once a week after swimming, twist braids. A long mane requires regular care, but the results can be impressive.

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